Sue Howse

Managing Director, Harrier Talent Solutions

Sue Howse is a market leading authority within the human capital industry having led some of the most complex RPO and MSP deals in the Asia Pacific region. With over 20 years’ experience, she has worked with some of the country’s biggest brands and with organisations of all sizes and industries, including IT, resources, finance, banking, energy and professional services and has unrivalled experience in state and federal government.

Sue has an outstanding industry perspective and a keen ability to work with our clients in optimising the engagement, performance and productivity of their workforces. Her strong leadership, strategy design and execution experience enables her to develop creative, agile and bespoke talent management solutions across MSP and RPO services for new and existing clients.

Sue’s reputation is testament to her achievements. She has led a range of MSP programs across clients and industry sectors, with spend under management of up to $700 million and, by driving strong governance for risk mitigation, has realised client savings of over $100 million across a five-year period.

As a trusted authority in outsourcing services, Sue partners with our clients to deeply understand their requirements and support them in developing talent strategies, models, plans and deliverables to align outcomes with their strategic objectives. She thrives when working with companies and individuals who are open to innovation and have a willingness to drive organisational performance and engagement.

As an exceptional leader, Sue believes that organisations flourish when people are in the right role for their own success and knows how important it is for her team to feel present, engaged and that they can be their authentic selves. She is passionate about unleashing the potential of people and takes it upon herself to ensure her team is nurtured and provided with all the opportunity they need for personal development and growth. Read more on LinkedIn