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Why apply as soon as the job advert is posted?

Whilst it can be a daunting task keeping up to speed with where jobs are advertised and when, it’s often quite important to apply as soon after the job is posted as possible.


Irrespective of the cycle, Recruiters are accustomed to receiving dozens, if not hundreds of applications for some role types, especially in the current market.  Rather than wait to the advertised closing date, Recruiters may start the screening process as soon as applications are received and in some cases, begin interviewing.  That’s why it’s not uncommon for a candidate to receive a ‘regret’ email before the closing date of the advert – it simply means screening has started.

You will sometimes see the following lines on the bottom of an advert:

“We reserve the right to commence recruitment proceedings prior to the stated closing date” or

“We reserve the right to close this job before the specified end date.”

In some cases, the volume of applicants is so high after a short period of advertising that the Recruiter may elect to shut down the advert ahead of the advertised closing date.

So….the next time you are thinking about lodging your application at the last minute, you might want to re-consider.