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Sustainable graduate recruitment

Graduate recruitment is often an important pipeline for organisations to consistently grow their talent and drive innovation, flexibility, knowledge share, loyalty and retention. What’s the impact of turning off the talent tap when economic times get tough? Harrier’s whitepaper explores a topical talent acquisition issue for many Australian organisations: Sustainable graduate recruitment. If your organisation is under pressure to cut entry level recruitment efforts, this paper might cause you to rethink.

Read our whitepaper here [pdf]

“Halting graduate recruitment, letting go of important university partnerships and retrenching your graduate recruitment managers is easily done, but not as easily recovered when business improves. Employer brand takes a long time to build and a moment to destroy: A sudden disappearance of presence in the market now will affect engagement with your brand when you reappear. However, putting such a business case forward and managing the internal messaging as others are redeployed can be difficult. So how can graduate recruitment be sustainable when the economy slows? What can proactive HR departments build into their business case for new or continued efforts in graduate recruitment and development?”