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Gender Diversity: One Step Forward, two steps back

26th June 2019

Harrier’s latest InSight paper examines the progress Australia has made towards gender equality and creating more gender diverse workplaces. Have we progressed as far as one might think?

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The Leaky Pipeline: Gender Diversity in Australia’s Mining and Resources Industry

28th February 2019

Australia’s resources and mining industry is working hard to attract and retain more women, so why are we still struggling to get cut through?

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Harrier supports Deakin University to Think Differently about talent acquisition

20th November 2018

Harrier Talent Solutions was engaged to support the Deakin Think Differently Program, to design and implement a best practice in-house Talent Acquisition solution.

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RPO: Is your organisation ready?

19th December 2016

Practical tools for potential RPO buyers, guiding them through the steps to achieving organisational buy-in and laying the foundations for a successful talent acquisition solution.

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Sustainable graduate recruitment

19th February 2016

If your organisation is under pressure to cut entry level recruitment efforts, this paper will help you build a business case for continued investment.

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Employer branding: Turning your messaging inside out

19th July 2015

Tangible and low cost initiatives for talent professionals to consider when articulating their EVP, both inside and outside their organisation.

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