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Do great minds think alike: Are we too narrowly focused when it comes to neurodiversity programs?

4th April 2019

To mark Autism Awareness Week, Harrier’s Head of Marketing gives her personal perspective on neurodiversity in the workplace.

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Are changes to visa regulations creating talent shortages for critical roles?

20th February 2019

Harrier’s latest blog discusses the impact of current Australian immigration legislation on critically needed roles

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The Curious Case of the Female CEO

20th November 2018

Kelly Quirk, Harrier CEO, discusses lack of authenticity in approaches to workplace gender equality and the recent findings by WGEA on progress in Australia.

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The gender pay gap: addressing the problem, not the symptom.

31st August 2018

Everything you need to know about the gender pay gap, and how employers can leverage talent management processes to drive equality.

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Visa changes force us to notice talent “hidden under our nose”

30th April 2018

One year on from Australia’s visa changes, Harrier Human Capital’s CEO Kelly Quirk talks to Shortlist about their impact on talent acquisition.

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Are degrees worth the paper they’re written on?

10th April 2018

Kelly Quirk, CEO of Harrier Human Capital, talks to the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) about whether tertiary education pathways are best preparing job seekers for entry into the Australian workforce.

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